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Journey’s current lead singer is from the Philippines, and they found him on Youtube

Arnel Pineda, Journey’s current lead singer, spent most of his singing career in the Philippines and Hong Kong before Neal Schon discovered him on Youtube in 2007.  Some people even claimed that they cannot distinguish Arnel’s voice with that of Steve Perry.

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Below is Arnel’s debut in Chile in 2008..

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Many cab drivers in Korea watch TV while driving to beat boredom in traffic jams

Check out the picture my friend took when she visited Korea!  That’s definitely not a GPS.  Not sure which Korean drama the cabbie’s addicted to but I’d rather be taking the train!

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China ranks at the bottom in the Big Mac Index, thanks to its currency manipulation

The Economist publishers the Big Mac Index annually as an informal way to help people understand the exchange rate theory.  Sure China ranks at the bottom.  Also, check out the bottom 4 on the list, that’s most of your clothes made from.

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