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Asian Teeth and Dental Insurance

Comparing with Americans, Asians do not always have the best looking teeth.  Apparently individual dental insurance is also not as big in Asia as compared to that of the US.  I remember back in the days when I had to get tooth taken out, it costed me $500 back in China!

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Funny Google Searches – How the World See Chinese

Well, apparently a new website just launched and you can capture and share Google’s autocomplete when you search for anything.   I just typed “why are Chinese ” and the first thing came out was “why are chinese tourist so rude”.

I guess the Chinese tourists are not really leaving a good reputation when they travel, at least based on where I’m searching from – Chicago.

Give it try at and see what you get!

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Ultra Rich Asian Girls – The Asian Version of The Real Housewives TV Series

For those of you who are into reality shows, here’s another one for you.   The show features a group of affluent Chinese ladies who aren’t shy about sharing their lavish lifestyle.

Below’s the link to the first episode and the % of thumb downs accurately reflects the overall quality of the content :)

Ultra Rich Asian Girls

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