Asians will eat anything that moves!

Horse sushi, anyone?  No? How about some monkey brains with some tiger penis wine?  Yes, Asians do like to eat anything and everything that moves!

Asian countries such as Korea and China are notorious for serving dogs on the menu; a traditional cuisine that dates back thousands of years.  When hosting the Olympic Games, the two countries had to slap a ban on eating dogs to promote an image of higher standards.  Dog meats are also widely available in other Asian countries including Vietnam and the Philippines.

Other superstitious beliefs also led to the consumption of exotic food.  It’s widely believed in China that consuming a certain animal body part will enhance the same part of the human body.  For example, eating pig/monkey brain will increase your brain power so that you’ll be smarter, eating fish eyes will improve your vision, and drinking tiger penis wine will… well, you get the story.

Remember the SARS outbreak that happened back in 2003?  Experts speculated that the disease originated from wild civets which are considered a delicacy by many in Southern China.

So next time you visit Asia, make sure to check out the real deal!

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