Adding English words in Asian pop songs

Have you ever wondered why a lot of Asian songs have random English words in them?

Putting English lyrics in pop songs is pretty common across most Asian countries. For one, being able to speak fluent English is considered a cool thing in Asia so putting English lyrics in the song adds “coolness” to the song itself.  It doesn’t work the other way around though because most English folks don’t see the cool factor in Asian languages unless you are Johnny Blu.  They’d rather put French or Spanish lyrics in their songs.

Common English words or phrases that you will find in Asian songs are “I love you” or “I’m sorry, baby”.  Nothing fancy here.  The key is to have catchy words or phrases that most people would understand.  When was the last time you heard Arabic used in popular English or Asian songs?  That’s because most people won’t understand it.  Also, a lot of Asian songs are copied or inspired from English songs.

Here’s a popular Korean song that my roommate watches 5 times a day, of course the title of the song is in English.  Enjoy!

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